How Does A Wisconsin State ID Look?


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The Wisconsin User ID is actually the personal ID of the user. It can be used for various purposes for personal businesses, and to connect to various agencies in Wisconsin. It can be made free of cost. One just needs an accessible, valid and unique e-mail address to make a Wisconsin ID. It can be made online from Wisconsin self registration site. Other wise it can be issued by contacting the authorities.

A Wisconsin ID card has acquired a new look since September 2005. Now the ID cards are in green colour and an image in light blue. The images before September 2005 have a grey shade. It has important information such as the name, date of birth, address, physical features and the issue date and expiry date is found in the card. The card also has a hologram design stating WISCONSIN and the coat of arms. It also contains a photograph of the ID card holder and their sign.

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