How Do You Spell Un Professional? Is It With A Space Between The Un And The Word Or Is It Just All One Word?


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Mary Frederick answered
The word you asked about is unprofessional not un-professional, since it is all one word. I will share with you how I help myself so I do not make spelling mistakes in words like this, which sometimes confuse us.

I use Word in Microsoft Windows for all my papers, articles, etc. but before I start typing, I click my Tools button and click the Spelling and Grammar line, in the drop down menu. Then I go back to my document and begin typing. As I type a red line appears under any misspelled word. When I see the red line, I stop, click on the word; a drop down menu shows me the correct spelling. Then, I click on the word Change. My correctly spelled word appears in my document and I can continue my typing.

Check the Spelling and Grammar help on your computer, you will like it!
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Mohd Nooruddeen answered
Actually the word you mentioned 'unprofessional' is a single word, not 'UN-PROFESSIONAL'
The habit of adding the hyphen after 'UN' is increasing with the people. This should be avoided.
As the other writer Mr. Jomar, has mentioned the facility of 'spellcheck' in the Microsoft can be used in order to avoid the spelling mistakes and clear the doubts while typing.

I strongly suggest studying the correct spelling while correcting the spellings by using the Microsoft 'spellcheck'
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Vatsal Asawa answered
It is not un professional , it is unprofessional in a single word without leaving a space.

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