I Have An Original Copy Of The Daily Mirror Dated 1912 When The Titanic Sank. Would This Be Worth Selling? If So What Would It Be Worth, It Is In Good Condition


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Usually Old Magazines and Newspapers value range from $3 to $ 10 according to Auction Wally Blogspot. Almost all of newspaper's value is determined by whether or not it features a major news event. For example the Sinking of the Titanic article and the Obama Wins newspaper sold for $177.50 on eBay. This shows that you can set high price for Daily Mirror copy you have of 1912 because not only that copy is old, It is also rare and covers a very important event. You can place it for auction at E-bay and Visit History Buff for guidance too.
There is also a book for evaluating price for Old Magazines and Newspapers.

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