What Are The Causes Of Noise Pollution?


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Causes Of Noise Pollution
• Traffic noise is the main source of noise pollution caused in urban areas. With the ever-increasing number of vehicles on road, the sound caused by the cars and exhaust system of autos, trucks, buses and motorcycles is the chief reason for noise pollution.
• With the low flying military aircrafts soaring over the national parks, wasteland and other vacant areas, the level of noise pollution has drastically increased in these previously unaffected zones.
• People living beside railway stations put up with a lot of noise from locomotive engines, horns and whistles and switching and shunting operation in rail yards. This is one of the major sources of noise pollution.
• To meet the demands of the basic necessity of living, the construction of buildings, highways and city streets causes a lot of noise. Pneumatic hammers, air compressors, bulldozers, loaders, dump trucks and pavement breakers are the major sources of noise pollution in construction sites.
• Though not a prime reason, industrial noise adds to the noise pollution. Machinery, motors and compressors used in the industries create a lot of noise which adds to the already detrimental state of noise pollution.
• Plumbing, boilers, generators, air conditioners and fans create a lot of noise in the buildings and add to the prevailing noise pollution.
• Household equipments, such as vacuum cleaners, mixers and some kitchen appliances are noisemakers of the house. Though they do not cause too much of problem, their effect cannot be neglected.
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Noise Pollution is the name given to any displeasing noise that is created by a human, animal or machine. This sound disrupts the activity and balance of human or animal life.

There are a number of causes of Noise Pollution such as:

- Sounds from Motor Vehicles.
- Sounds from musicle instruments.
- poor urban planning
- Noise from aircrafts and railways.
- Car alarms
- Office equipment
- Factory machinery
- Construction work
- Groundskeeping Equipment
- Barking animals
- Appliances
- Power tools
- Lighting hum
- Audio instruments
- Loudspeakers
- Noise created by people.
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The main cause of noise pollution is 'the advancing technology' . Now you will ask , why ?  The answer lies in the fact that the  technology had provided technices of increasing noise . For instance now a days we have got a television  with volume more than hundred . Thanks for reading my article .
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The main causes of noise pollution is motor bikes, industries,traffic jams,they are the main causes of noise pollution
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Noise pollution is said to occur when sound becomes displeasing to the ear and disrupts normal human and animal activity and stability.
The maximum permissible level of noise is exposure to 85dB noise for not more than 8 hours. This limit is applicable to factories and construction sites. Permissible limits for commercial areas are 65dB for the day and 55dB during the night. For residential areas, noise should not exceed 55dB during day and 45dB during night.
Some of the common sources (agents) of noise pollution are:
  • Transportation and vehicles
  • Aircraft noise
  • Proximity of industrial and residential areas (poor planning)
  • Factory machinery
  • Construction work
  • Loud music
  • Electric appliances (blender, electricity generator)
  • People
Noise pollution has many effects on human health. Often old people experience noise induced loss of hearing. It also causes stress and anxiety. In natural ecosystems, it greatly distresses animals which reduces their breeding capacity. It may also cause a disruption in the animal's way of navigating or locating mates. High noise levels may cause the animals to move away from these areas which leads to a decrease in their area of habitat.

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One of the main reasons for noise pollution is the traffic of the cars they all honking which increases the dB from 20000hz(it is the normal range which a human ear can hear) if there is a rise from 20000 dB it can cause damage to the ears.
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In my opinion, you need to build another room, or read additional tips that will help you to reduce the bass from your neighbors. The room needs soundproofing. So I helped build a small recording studio. The goal was that there was no solid contact between the studio walls and the outside room, otherwise the sound would be transmitted by conduction. The walls of the rooms (the main studio plus the adjoining vocal / performance booth) were finished on both sides and had strong insulation inside.

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Well, there are too many boats and other things that only animals can hear that cause sound pollution. Hope I helped.

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