How Do Postcodes Work?


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0292 looks like a Cardiff dialing code
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Postcodes, or postal codes are used to sort mail and direct it to the exact destination required. In the UK, postcodes are alphanumeric and work to represent the regional area, i.e M for Manchester, followed by a number which denotes the local area, i.e M60 and finally 1 number with two letters which shows the specific street location.     Postcodes are used for many purposes, aside from sorting mail. On the internet they are especially useful for finding your address automatically, which saves time on applications and surveys. If you insure your home contents or vehicle, the insurer will use your postcode to help determine the premium ~ the price of cover will depend on where your postcode represents. The London Borough of West Norwood is one of the most expensive areas in the country to obtain insurance. A densely populated area will mean higher premiums, with the risk of fire and theft being significantly high relative to suburban and rural living.    Unfortunately avoiding insurance because of your expensive postcode is not advised! You should always insure your vehicle and your home against damages, whether they are your fault or not.   
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Lets give an example

  • DH 2H 4 HZ

The first 1/2 letters determines your postcode area and determines the main Royal Mail sorting office that will process your letters.

The second part is the postcode district and gives a clear indicator to the sorting office the delivery office the mail should be in.

The third part is the local area where the mail should land in for the delivery office approximation.

The last part is the unit code, telling the delivery office which postal route the carrier should take to deliver the mail to the specified address.

With postal codes, it makes sorting of mails much easier and more efficient due to the millions of mails transmitted daily and the lack of manpower to handle the workload.

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