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There are many different types of organizations that may share a "political environment".  These may include, but are not limited to, businesses, religions and government. Internally, within a business itself, a political environment can be seen by the political maneuvering of individuals, teams and departments in an attempt to obtain status, higher salaries, and favor. Businesses can also face external political issues by government regulation as to how to operate, how much they are taxed, environmental issue mandates, laws, etc.  Additionally, businesses may also hire lobbyists to represent their best interests with lawmakers to dictate and influence policymaking, thereby directly affecting those external political forces for their own benefit.

Religious organizations can also have political aspects within their structure.  The majority will have a form of governing body which sets forth a code of conduct for their church leaders and members.   Most religious institutions have a head of the specific institution. For example, the priest is the head of a parish. Some organizations have a leader who is the most powerful person within the organization. For example, the Queen of England is the head of the Church of England. There are often meetings or conventions where church delegates meet to pass various bylaws as well as look out for the church interests which may be political in nature.  Many churches and religious groups prefer to maintain their non-profit status, which dictates how they can operate and are taxed, so they will often look to political leaders and representatives for influence and favor.

Of course, there is the government itself that is an organization.  The government is political in nature by definition.  Members of a society including business organizations, churches and other communities all must interact with the government they find themselves in.  All these components make up a society and define your place in the world.

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