Where Are The Most Haunted Palces In Northampton UK?


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Northampton, or rather the county of Northamptonshire is vastly haunted.  The number of recorded hauntings is far too many mention here, but there are lots of places that you can visit.

One of the most exciting hauntings occurs at the famous civil war battleground of Naseby. For a hundred years or more after the battle, villages would sit atop a hill at Naseby and watch the ghostly combatants play out the battle time and time again in ghastly form. It is said that one can still visit the battlefield on June 14 each year and perhaps hear the thunder of hooves, the roar of cannon and the shouts of dying men.

If you want the best low down on these ghostly Northamptonshire hauntings, go to the following web site which has a wonderful (and plentiful) collection of notes on the various visitations from beyond the grave!


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