Can You Give Me Any Info About Roby Leibrandt?


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Robbie Leibrandt was a German spy and was a Nazi. There were the police of different countries trying to catch him during the Second World War. He studied at Grey College in Bloemfontein and represented SA during the 1936 Olympics which were held in Munich. He was a champion boxer and showed a lot of promise during those times and became the champion superseding Jim Pentz.

But later on he lost his form. He went on to become a spy and para trooper for Germany during the World War II. He was very notorious during those times. Later on he was captured and put to trial where he was found guilty and sentenced to death for high treason but later he was pardoned and he made a comeback into SA in 1949.
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No he wasnt a spy or a german paratrooper he was trained so that they could drop him back in sa because of the war he didnt have any way home back from the olympics. He also nearly drowned and almost froze to death of the coast of africa and then he became a true south african frontrunner with johannes van der walt who was cowardly shot in the back by police because they were so scared of him there is so much that people dont know about our folk heroes but they are always just given wrong info

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