What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bureaucratic Structures?


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Bureaucracy is one of the many methods that can be used in this world to exert the power of states, governments and corporations. Bureaucracy is very modern concept that can by characterized by hierarchy, unified control, impersonality and regimentation, amongst other things.

One of the advantages of bureaucratic structures is the ability to project power in a combined and consistent way. This is also one of the central purposes to bureaucratic structures. This idea is considered to be neutral as it does not take into account the bureaucracy serves or the end. Bureaucracy is meant to be a tool that promotes the values and beliefs of a government, company or state in a rational way.

Bureaucracies can be marked by their ordered design and function as each office that is involved is substantially linked with any others. This link can be characterized as either a vertical chain of command where each office responds to the one above and so forth, or a horizontal differentiation of the individual special functions that they provide. In most well functioning bureaucracies, these two different characteristics work together to provide an effective method of control. Because of this, large scale production and organized governments have been made possible. Without bureaucracy giving off an image of organization, coordination and cooperation, there would not be capitalism, socialism, mass or large scale production, technology, governments or police work. Without knowing it, bureaucracy can have a huge impact on our lives.

However, the method of control that was described above as often been found to be rigid, stubborn and inflexible, which can have a serious impact. Some people argue the bureaucracies come to develop their own corporate cultures either the private or public sector which can result in them refusing to change or adapt, or being unable to change or adapt.
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What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bureaucratic Structures?

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