What Did Samuel De Champlain Do For Canada?


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Samuel De Champlain was a French geographer,  
ethnologist, diplomat, navigator, cartographer, draughtsman, explorer , chronicler. He was the founder of Quebec City in Canada. He is known as the father of New France.

Samuel De Champlain came to Canada 1603. He came in the ship called Bonne Renommee. It was a fur trading expedition and he joined them as observer.  He mapped St. Lawrence River and wrote an account of his travel on his return home. He was thus asked by Henry IV to make a report on his discoveries for which he travelled again in the Spring of 1604.

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Samuel de Champlain is a French navigator who was the one who founded the Quebec City in Canada. He left France in his ship called “Don-de-Dieu, the Gift of God” he landed in Quebec and then he built three building from which the city actually started. In addition to this, he also explored all the regions of Canada and recorded his observations. He journey up the Ottawa River. He worked to improve the relationships with the tribes and neighbors. After returning form his travels, he spent a lot of time in improving the administrative affairs of Canada and all of new France.
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Samuel de Champlain did not have any brothers or sisters that we know of.
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No one knows if Samuel De Champlain had any siblings. But I bet if you asked his mom you would get the answer!

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