What Happened In Desert Storm?


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Desert Storm was the name of the operation involving the invasion of Kuwait and Iraq by a coalition of thirty nations, spear headed by the United States, to drive out the occupying Iraqi army. Prior to operation Desert Storm the Americans were involved in operation Desert shield which involved the build up of coalition ground troops in Saudi Arabia, along with setting up air bases and redeploying aircraft carriers to the region.

At first an air and cruise missile campaign commenced in which most of the RADAR, SAM and other AA sites of the Iraqis were targeted and destroyed. At one point the priority of these air strikes shifted to Scud launchers when Saddam started sending Russian junk to Tel Aviv. The war itself was miraculous with very few casualties on the side of the allies. Most of the pilots lost were British due to their expertise in low level bombing missions. The land invasion involved the allies marching into Iraq from Saudi Arabia instead of from Kuwait. The forces then did an about turn and got the Iraqis off guard while the barrels of their guns were still pointing south towards Kuwait.

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