Was War Scary What Did It Feel Like?


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I feel that I can remember it from another life. Other possibility: Ghostly protectors of me who were soldiers. My blood relatives, men, on my mothers side, uncles....all soldiers. Do they watch over me now, or was I one myself in a former life or two? I know patton believed in soldiers reincarnating after they die, they come back as....soldiers!

war.... Would be scary. It is scary to be shot at. I know that from this lifetime, inner city minneapolis, went home at the wrong time cops and neighbors in a shootout.

war is scary, being shot at is scary, being angry and threatened is scary.

evil on the other hand never sleeps. When a bad guy wants to shove you off your chair and you give up your chair, he will shove you off your new chair. He just wants to shove someone and own all the chairs, and dominate you.

wars are sometimes fought to defend self and loved ones from evil aggressors. And there will be soldiers because some people fear death less or control that fear of injury and danger, to do brave acts on behalf of the rest of us. Its a mystery of life, this.
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Yes ,of course !  War takes lots of lives ,and it may brings dinosaurs after war .Especially nuclear weapons, it once used in world war two on an island in Japan ,after that creatures could not live on the island for decades of years . If a war happens , cries follows ,and it would not stop ,even the war is over .War destroys buildings and civilisations . War likes the darkness ,it makes us thriller and scary !

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