How Can I Ask The Queen To Send A Congratulatory Message To A Family Member?


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It is possible to ask Queen Elizabeth II to send a congratulatory message, usually in the form of a card, to those celebrating their 100th birthday, or a diamond wedding anniversaries. If you have a grandparent, or a great-grandparent who has reached this age, arranging to have the Queen send them a birthday card can be a real treat and makes for a fantastic surprise.

Even better still, all citizens of Commonwealth countries are entitled to receive such a greeting from the Queen, including people from realms, such as Australia and Canada, as well as UK Overseas Territories, such as Bermuda, Gibraltar or the Cayman Islands.

For UK applicants, birthday requests must be received by Buckingham Palace no later than three weeks prior to the birthday. Additionally, applicant's must include a copy of the relative's birth certificate in the case of birthday greetings. For citizens of Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, it is best to send the birthday request to each country's Governor General. The GG's office will then forward the request to the Queen.
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Silly me! I just wrote the letter requesting congratulations to my parents as if I were sending it to someone with the Queen!
I misunderstood! What do I do now?!?

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