What Is The Difference Between An Embassy And A Consulate?


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An embassy and a consulate both refer to a governments representation in a foreign country. There is only one embassy in any one country although not all governments choose to maintain an embassy in certain countries.
The purpose of the embassy is an HQ for the embassy staff who are under the direction of the Ambassador. The job is to maintain diplomatic and political relations with the host country and to look after the welfare of any of its nationals who might be living in the country.
There can be a number of consulates in a country, usually distributed in major cities. The number depends on the requirements of the time and place. They are headed by a consul and his task is primarily to establish and maintain commercial links. He and his staff may also help his countrymen in certain instances.
There is also a legation which often exists and operates from the home of the diplomatic minister. A legation can be the mission or the office.
Government representatives in countries of the British Commonwealth are called High Commissioners instead of ambassadors but their function is the same.
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Embasy has a political function n the consulate is administrative
the visa and welfare of the citizens is handled by the consular while the embassy is concerned with state representation

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