The SAS Used "Pink Panthers" Out In The Desert During Various Post-World War Two Conflicts, What Type Of Vehicle Were They?


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The Pink Panthers were Series 2A 109 Land Rovers as used by 22 SAS Regiment of the British Army for behind the lines raiding and deep penetration operations. Pink Panthers were used right up until the late 1980s when they were replaced by Land Rover 110-based Desert Patrol Vehicles (DPV).
The original SAS Pink Panthers earned their nickname not only for their help in letting troops creep around but primarily for the pink camouflage they wore for certain types of desert operations. Essentially, these vehicles were stripped down Land Rover Series 2A 109s kitted out for long range expeditions, allowing their three man crews to be self sufficient for a number of days away from base.

The concept was one that appealed to military buyers from around the world. Some were supplied in standard general service trim for modification by the customer, but others were converted to the customer's specification by a number of military specialist companies in the UK.

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