What Kind Of Gift Should I Buy When Attending A Bris Milah?


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A Bris Milah is a special Jewish rite when a male baby is circumcised in the presence of parents, family and friends. It is customary for everyone attending this rite of passage to arrive with a gift. There are, however, no set rules for what should be bought, although some gifts are more common and appropriate than others.

It is entirely appropriate to purchase a baby present, such as a blanket, a pillow, or another useful item. One might also purchase a Jewish gift, such as a prayerbook for children, a Siddur, a Yiddish cup, or a small mezuzah. You can also purchase a decorative Bris certificate, sold online and in special Judaica stores, that can be filled in by a Rabbi or a mohel. The certificate is often designed in light, pastel colours so that it can be framed and displayed in the baby's room. The text can be modified upon request and it will usually include a blessing.

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