What Is Internal Stimuli?


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Internal stimuli refers to a range of thoughts, emotions, and feelings which determine the way we act and behave. With no real physical expressions internal stimuli are difficult to pin down and have no obvious examples, what stimulates one person may have no effect on someone else. External stimulants are obvious such as smell, taste, lighting and sound whereas internal stimuli covers a whole range of emotions and feelings.

How the mind reacts to events and memories is a fascinating area of study with no real right or wrong answers. The emotional make-up of people is unique with similar scenarios likely to trigger excitement in some people and concern with others. Each individual's reaction is governed by a whole host of events and is constantly evolving based on experiences.

While reactions to external stimulants are easy to monitor and measure, it is much more difficult to look into internal stimuli. Working out the significance and effect of past events is a precise skill but can be worked out to a large extent by studying past reactions.

Being offered the opportunity to go on a big wheel or big dipper at a fairground can provide two very different reactions despite the option on the surface being exactly the same. Someone who has had a bad experience in the past is likely to be concerned or reserved whereas a person who has enjoyed a similar ride will react entirely differently. By examining and questioning two people who react differently, you will begin to understand the internal factors that come together to make up the way that two people react differently to the same scenario.
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There are two kinds of stimuli including external stimuli or internal stimuli. Internal stimuli involve the forces which arises from the internal sides and makes you to do something. In business, internal stimuli involve the forces which rise within the organization and that impact the companies. As a result from internal stimuli the companies have to make many important decisions. However, from strategic management perspective, the analysis of external stimulus is done first to see its impact on internal environment. However, internal stimuli are also very important and can be related with the employees or internal environment of the company.

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