What Do Guys Think About Girls Who Get Drunk? Not Girls Who Sleep Around While Drunk, But Just Girls Who Are Drunk At Bars And Parties? Is It Wrong? Do You Look Down On It?


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The answer to this question really depends on the level of drunkenness we're talking about. Just like men, different women behave and carry themselves in different ways when they get drunk.

Coming from someone who has worked in several bars, there is definitely a difference between good drunk and bad drunk. I think it's really important for people to know where that line is, especially for women.

Do guys like drunk girls?

Alcohol is well-known to lower inhibitions. This might make a girl more appealing to men because there's nothing more attractive than a woman who's having fun and letting her hair down.

On the other hand, significantly-lowered inhibitions might mean she is 'letting her guard down' which will attract men of a different type. Some men might see a drunk girl as an opportunity to capitalise on someone whose judgement is clouded.

I think it's important that women are aware of both scenarios.

Men's opinion of drunk girls

As far as what men think about drunk girls, I'd suggest that there is an element in all men that sees a drunk girl as being vulnerable. I'm a big believer in the idea that women should go out and enjoy themselves, however I'm also quite protective about the women in my life and wouldn't want any of them to be in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable.

I'd say that men probably see women who are out drinking and having a good time in a very positive light, whereas women who have had a drink too many are likely to attract some negative attention.
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I think girls who drink and get drunk are simply inviting trouble to come their way.  Especially girls who go to bars and drink with other girls.  It's a sign to everyone else: "Hey, I'm loose, wild, and might just do anything if you ask me".

It's a turn-on to some guys but, to good and sensible guys it's a scary thing.  Especially if (I speak from personal experience), the girl is their own girlfriend or even an ex.  It's a reputation that a good girl should not want to carry with her. 

I personally think alcohol is far more destructive than anyone realises.  Remember, it's a drug, just happens to be a legal one.  You're not in control of your body. You may feel good, but your decision-making is gone, out the window.  Why put yourself or others who care about you in that kind of situation for some "fun"?
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Guys think of drunkard girls as cheap and irresponsible especially in bars. Not all but mostly. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we need some lubrication just to ease the stress and problems that are bugging us. But too much drink is wrong and gives us bad health . A

t parties it's natural to drink together with friends. Socializing and have some fun while drinking is good medicine especially when you are laughing because laughter makes us young. Remember that it takes 65 muscles to frown and only fifteen to smile. In a party ha? Not only in a party you laugh - everywhere. There's a saying that too much is not good for our health..
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If I were a guy and I saw a girl drunk I would would not go out with her. Even if she was pretty. I don't believe for a girl to get drunk. For a girl getting drunk is for the bird's. That is why I don't drink any more.
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Ok you only live once! Don't be so anal about everything. When guys see girls drunk, they're thinking "OK, she knows how to be social at a party, she's having fun".

If you're drunk like falling around looking sloppy, guys are going to look at you as if:

1. You're easy to hook up with for tonight
2.You're too immature and need to hold your alcohol better

I think partying is fun. Sometimes I drink, sometimes I don't - but at the end of the night I always have fun and have memories and inside jokes with all the people who were there.
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None of my friends like girls who get drunk. We usually look on them as being trashy. Not someone you would want to have a relationship with.

Put the shoe on the other foot. Would you like to take a guy home to meet your parents if his favorite hobby was getting drunk? Would you want him to be the father of your children? How safe would you feel riding with him or letting your children ride with him?

Nothing good comes from getting drunk or having a drink every day.
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No, not really. I don't see anything wrong with it. Girls just want to have fun and getting drunk is part of being human.
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I hate drunken women... Loud, obnoxious, either laughing or crying hysterically. Can't put up with that.  I have nothing against having a drink or 3, but know your limits.

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