What Propaganda Techniques Did The Suffrage Movement Adopt?


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Numerous propaganda techniques were used, including newspapers, short stories, poems and plays. Newspapers introduced by the movement included the Women's Suffrage Journal from 1870 and Votes for Women from 1907. Campaigners also disrupted plays about female heroines and produced their own film in response, called "True Womanhood".

The March of the Women was the famous rallying song of the WSPU. This group also had great salesmen, who designed, advertised and marketed a wide variety of goods. They organised bazaars around the country to raise money and support. The WSPU were highly innovative and rarely missed a chance to raise their profile. For instance, at the 1908 Cup Final, wives of male supporters of the suffrage movement were invited to attend a meeting during the game. The group also had a launch at the University Boat Race, the annual race between the teams from Oxford and Cambridge University down the River Thames in London.

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