How Should I Shape A Prayer Breakfast Welcome Speech When I Am From A Totally Different Religious Tradition? I'm A Devout Quaker Speaking To Women Who Are Evangelical Pentecostal Baptists


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carlene welch answered
If you believe in Christ as I believe that you do, and If you embrace the same precious cornerstone 1Pet.2:6 as I believe they do as Iam Baptist pentecostal than despite the denorminational difference you are all equal In Christ. You are all one body, His body! Equal in fellowship with one another through His precious blood! There is no difference share and speak of the joy in that.. Rom.10:12...1Cor.12:13..Gal.3:28..Col.3:11 God bless, the Holy Spirit will help you in what to say!..Genaveve
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yvette Jones answered
I think as long as you have good food it will go well. Just thank them for coming and see if there could be a moment for sharing with them who you are as a devout Quaker. God is only interested in people faiths and belief in him and his son Jesus. Everyone loves good food and the conversation will be welcomed because their bellies will be full. Everything will work out. God Bless.
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Carol Moore answered
I believe I would concentrate on those areas in which both traditions agree. Probably, you will find there are more commonalities than differences.

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