How Did Romans Cook And Prepare Their Food?


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Roman cooking methods would have varied depending on what they were cooking. Just like us, the Romans had a variety of different ways to prepare food!

The most popular way of preparing food in Roman times was by cooking it over a small fire or charcoal brazier. 

In smaller houses, this fire would have been inside the house, but richer Romans would have used their courtyards.

Roman Kitchens
If you were rich enough to have a kitchen, you probably wouldn’t be cooking the food yourself – a lot of Romans kept slaves to cook for them.

Roman kitchens had clay ovens (lit with charcoal fires) with burners on top, and these worked a bit like the stoves we have today. Food like pottage (a thick stew containing wheat) was really popular, and would have been cooked slowly in a large pot.

When cooking large joints of meat, or even entire pigs, the Romans used giant skewers that were turned every now and then to ensure that the meat was roasted all over.
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They put it in the ovens that they had.
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They broiled it and then put it in the rock oven.

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