Where Can You Go For Easter Brunch In Lowell MA?


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Try Cobblestones located at 91 Dutton St Lowell, MA 01852. The restaurant features a buffet that is thirty two to forty feet long. This year it seems that the restaurant is allowing its chef the luxury of preparing meals with a more eastern Greek like flavour owing to the fact that the Greek Easter is falling on the same date. The menu at the restaurant will include smoked and poached seafood, stuffed leg of lamb, Israeli cous cous salad, Eggs Benidicted Florentine, Moroccan Beef tagine, ricotta and a host of other dishes. The important thing is that the restaurant entertains guests by reservation only and that walk-ins are a strict no-no. The restaurant is already in the process of taking reservations for this year and if you do miss out this year you can always try again next year as the buffet is an annual feature. Their telephone number is 978-970-2282.
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Check out the new UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center.  It is the old Doubletree Hotel and things have been turned around with the new owners.  The place is clean and the service is great. 978-934-6917 is the phone number to the sales office, I'm sure they can tell you what is happening.

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