How Do Adults Spend Their Free Time In The UK?


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There is no comprehensive published study detailing how adults in the UK prefer to spend their leisure time. According to an Eurostat survey, roughly 45 per cent of the British used their leisure time to watch television; 24 per cent of this free time socialising; 22 to 23 per cent of their time on sports and hobbies; and 10 per cent on various other activities (such as listening to music, reading, eating out and gardening).

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers' conference which was held in Bournemouth in April this year was told that in effect parents in the UK actually spend a lesser amount of time with their own children as compared to parents in any other European country.

Some studies indicate that the average young adult spends around two hours each and every day watching television. Many put this at a higher figure. As per the British Dietetic Association's poll involving 3,000 youngsters, two-thirds of them watched no less than 25 minutes of TV prior to leaving their house for school.

Remember that the European Union has a working time directive which mandates a maximum of a 48 hour working week. This applies to each and every member state with the exception of the United Kingdom sine they have can opt out.
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