How Can A 16 Years Old Get An Id Card In The UK?


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The National Identity Scheme would refer to a system of personal identification. However it is intended solely for adults residing in the UK. Its foundation is in effect the introduction of special national ID cards for every single UK resident who is above the age of 16.

These unique ID card will effectively couple the individual's biometric data along with their verified identity details. This is termed a 'biographical footprint'. The identity details as well as biometrics will then be amassed on the vital National Identity Register (NIR). At the same time, basic identity details will be stored in a chip present on the ID card as well.

You need to firstly apply for this ID card, have your fundamental 'biographical footprint' check which is followed by recording of your biometric data. Most will get their ID card following an application for their new adult passport. Kindly note that application for an ID card will only happen much later in the year 2009, that is. Presently, driving licences in addition to passports would be the most prevalent ID documents.

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