On What Year And Date Was North Carolina Founded?


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I'm not sure of the date but I know the year: 1663
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North Carolina was originally known as Carolina and was one of the thirteen original Colonies which later formed the United States of America. It was recognised as a colony in early 1800 and was home to English colonizers in Americas. It broke through from being an English Colony in 1861 and was recognized as an independent American state in 1868.

It was North Carolina where the Write Brothers powered the first ever heavy air flight. This experiment happened at the Kill Devil Hills near the Kitty Hawk area in North Carolina. North Carolina is now a fast growing State with the Capital town Raleigh and Charlotte being the biggest town in the State.
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thanks so much for the answer i have been looking for it all day for a school project that is like half of my grade i am in the eight grade thanks so much

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