What Are The Problems Of Industrialization?


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Industrialization is a good thing. Many industrialized countries today are very progressive and they are never left behind as far as technological advancements are concerned. However, industrialization also brings with it a lot of problems. There are problems affecting employment, health and the environment.

Many countries aspire to be labeled as industrialized because of the prestige that goes with it. The fact is it has many negative effects. People are greatly affected by it as evident in the following:

• Unemployment

As computers and machines take over people's jobs, more and more are finding themselves jobless. People are finding it very difficult to land jobs since many companies are now high-tech. They use technology to help run their businesses instead of letting people do them manually.

Other companies hire workers abroad who are willing to work at a cheaper compensation and less benefits. They hire very few local workers and outsource their jobs via the internet.

• Health risks

Industrialization also causes numerous health risks. Everybody's using computers and machines that make people work less and become lazy. They no longer have to move a lot. This kind of sedentary lifestyle causes people to gain weight and slow down the immune system. When this happens, they become more prone to lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, kidney failure, cardiovascular ailments and many more.

• Pollution

The environment is also greatly affected by industrialization. Water, air, and land pollutions are rampant. Factories are everywhere and the smoke they emit combines with the atmosphere. Others throw their garbage in bodies of water making them unclean and unsafe to drink. Further, what were once fields of trees and flowers have been turned into commercial districts. All these happen because of industrialization.

Industrialization brings with it a lot of problems but it also has something good to offer everyone provided that it won't harm human beings and the environment we're living in.
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Its caused pollutants in our air that effects the o zone , water ,soil. Caused cancer that was not detected until further studies were mandated such as melanoma from asbestos as well as other diseases from various chemicals that are released from these industries,over abundant use of natural resources,caused wars from greed.loss of various tribes and cultures of people.This is just a few.

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