Why Do People Need Certain Things To Live?


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There is an answer inside your question that people need some thing to live. Why they need, because they have to live, for that some necessities they want and therefore the need is always there until they are alive. They need food to eat, shelter to live, cloths to wear, schools for education. So these are basic needs. Yes you can say the excess of need are not good it will create problems.

People need a number of important things to survive. Now these need are physical or non physical it's up to the person. I think we have to give a hierarchical level to our needs. Make ranks of our basic needs. If you have one car and one house I think that's enough, but its human nature the need of more and more will be never ended.

As the time is moving on and on human needs are also increasing with the same pace. The need for more and more can't be able to make you satisfy. While if you provide a frame to your needs you will be successful. We can't be able to find what are the needs of people because every one has different needs may be thing which you need is unnecessary for others.
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Human is a social animal. We all need someone or something to live. Sometimes these something or someone becomes the reason for living.
There are some things which are essential in life like food, clothes, a place to sleep and money.
And there are some unnecessary things, which are not essential for survival but still some people are willing to do anything to get them.
Now a days people need cell phones and car, these both things are important in today`s world but life without them is also possible. For some people having a cell phone and a car is the status symbol. Some times people adopt illegal ways to make extra money to maintain their life style.
Unfortunately in some parts of the world if you don`t have a good life style, you will be considered an out cast or an alien.
We are giving values to things instead of humanity.

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