What Do The Stars And Stripes On The American Flag Represent?


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The American Flag is one of the most well known flags in the world. The American flag was modified from the Grand Union Flag, which was used in the revolutionary war by George Washington. The current American flag was adopted on June 14, 1777 and on July 4, 1960, the current modified, 50 star version was adopted.

There are 13 red and white stripes on the American flag. These stripes stand for the Thirteen original colonies of America. These colonies were the first ones, who stood up against the British Rule. Also, these states are distinguished because they joined the Union first.

The flag also contains a Blue rectangle at the top left corner. This rectangle has 50 small, five pointed stars. These stars stand for the fifty states of America.
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The Stripes
The thirteen stripes on the American Flag represent the thirteen colonies that existed when the flag was first designed
The red stripes represent blood-shed and courage
In another explanation they represent Great Britain

The white stripes represent purity and liberty that the colonies possessed
Some say that along with the red stripes representing Great Britain the white stripe are a protest against Great Britain

The Stars
The stars represent a state that is in the Nation
Currently there are fifty(50) stars on the flag
On the first design of the flag there were only thirteen(13)
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On the US flag each star stands for a state.
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The 13 original colonies
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The Stars and Stripes or the American Flag came to be in use from the 14th June 1777 till now with many modifications. Initially, the American flag was supposed to have only 15 stripes and 15 stars in 1794. Now, the US flag consists of 13 alternating stripes of red and white. It also consists of a blue canon with 50 stars. The 7 stripes of red alternating between the 6 stripes of white, symbolizes the original 13 colonies which broke away during independence and formed their own government. Originally, all the different colonies were added to the flag as stripes and the number of stripes had risen to a maximum of 15. Then in 1794 it was decided to honour only the original 13 colonies by representing them on the flag as stripes.
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It means the original 13 colonies that rebelled against the British crown.
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The stars on the american flag represent 50 states and the stripes represent the 13 colonies
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There are 13 stripes, and they represent the first 13 colonies.
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The star on the american fag represent the number of states in the union . And there are 50 stars because there 50 states .the stripes represent the 13 colonies
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Earlier before the merging of the thirteen initial states to become the United States of America, every state had its own flag that contained different designs and colours in accordance with the taste of its commanders. Nevertheless the Rhode Island flag was the first flag to contain any stars. There were thirteen stars in the flag that later on came to represent the thirteen initial states that jointly constituted the United States of America.
So almost after a year of signing the Declaration of Independence, the United States of America developed its own flag, the thirteen stars in the corner representing the thirteen states and the stripes in alternate patterns of red and white representing the same. Each time a new state added to the US, a star and a stripe were added to the flag. Nevertheless by 1795 because of the constant addition of states, the flag was becoming a little cramped and that is when Congress decided to cease the addition of flags and continue the addition of stars. Therefore the flag of today has stars and stripes, the thirteen stripes representing the thirteen initial states of the US and the fifty stars representing the current 50 states that constitute America.

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