What Is The Importance And The Advantages Of Dictating?


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Dictating refers to reading or writing for a person to transcribe or for a machine to record. After the officer has planned a letter, memo, or report he dictates it to his secretary. Dictating saves precious time for the officer. It is so because the manager can only write longhand which consumes more time than shorthand. On the other hand, the secretary knows shorthand and can write as quickly as spoken words of the manger. Letters and reports are prepared quickly and in time. Not only is time saved but also stationary and labour costs.

It allows flexibility, Before the final draft is prepared material may be adjusted by adding, deleting, trimming or correcting. Quality of work improves throwing a good impression on customers ,suppliers and other readers. Before dictating it is suggested to give any special instructions, such as number of carbon copies, unusual tabulation of figures etc. Before starting dictating allow your secretary to prepare. In dictating it is important to spell uncommon and difficult words and names when you are using them for first time. Edit and revise dictation draft before it is finally typed.

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