Who Are The Major Competitors Of Dabur In Pakistan?


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Mehreen Misbah answered
Dabur, the fourth largest FMCG company in India, has just began its operations in Pakistan. In this era of globalization, it was high time that Dabur, after gaining success all over the world, tapped the potential in the Pakistani market too. As far as Dabur as a corporation is concerned, there is a diverse range of product offerings but the product line that's relevant to Pakistan is Personal Care and in a more precise regard, Dabur Vatika Hair Oil is the ultimate focus in the country at the moment.

Regarding competitors, the local competitors are inclusive of Bio Amla and Kala Kola whereas when it comes to international competition, Parachute and Himalaya are the major players in the Hair Oil category. Besides these brands, there is a enormous range of unbranded regional brands that have the tendency to provide tough competition to Dabur Vatika, considering factors like sales volumes and target markets.

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