How Do You Fix Balloons To Balloon Sticks?


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Fixing balloon sticks is quite simple on balloons. Balloon sticks can be purchased from stores which sell party materials such as balloons, sparkles and other sorts of decorations which are used to decorate and enhance a room for a party.

There are also available in different colours for you to choose from. The balloon sticks are available quite cheap as well. First thing you need to do is blow up a balloon and keep the balloon stick in your hand. After you have blown the balloon, cover the blow hole of the balloon with your thumb and index finger so that the air does not escape out of it and you will be able to put it on a stick. The tip of the stick is specially designed to hold the balloon.

You need to manoeuvre the balloon according to the design of the stick. In this case, you will have to see the design to understand what I am saying. You can either tie a knot before or after you have got it on the stick. Tying a knot is not mandatory.

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