What Is The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Newspaper?


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I think the major disadvantage of newspapers is that even though they bring us news, they can often be biased as the reporter or analyst also presents his/her view of the situation. There are many people who just believe these views and as a result they reduce the ability of the readers to analyze the situation by themselves. Many news papers can be politically inclined or controlled by the government in some countries and these newspapers just transmit the good things and hide the adverse aspects. Another thing that can be a disadvantage of reading newspapers is that they are becoming more and more commercial based. They have started to give more and more space to the advertisements which is not the primary purpose of a newspaper.

Finally, in today’s fast world, the news is transmitted using many other faster mediums than newspapers like internet and every one with a camera in their cell phone is a potential reporter for these sources. On the other hand newspaper involves a time lag between the event and its publishing.
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Because now no people have time to purchase and spend newspapers everyday,they r referring to easier and faster methods of mass media like internet [online newspaper] and television where news are shown in different channels within seconds. Nowadays newspapers contain many unnecessary articles and news and contain more advertisements. Younger generation are not so much interested in newspapers. They are busy I-Ming, surfing the net, completing their home works, watching television, attending parties, playing computer games, shopping, dating, etc...
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By the time they get the new's printed its old and yesterdays new's. Most of the articles printed so fast they don't get the true story straight. On television you can get the new's sometimes while it is still happening.
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The production and distribution of the modern popular newspaper, which is one of the most traditional business information published frequently, daily, and weekly. Have a lot of controversial common senses of pro and cons arguments about reading the newspaper.

Supporters of reading the newspaper argue that consumers through the large classified advertising opportunity to get in touch with the last news that are happening in our latest developments. In addiction, people can increase speaking performance in learning more the language. Furthermore, many people buy or get the newspaper just to read the advertisements from movies, restaurants, subway, discount stores, and adventures places. Although reading the newspaper have entertainment advertisement in different sections of the paper specially crosswords, games, sports, comics etc. Also reading the newspaper have some sections that readers pull out and save.

Opponents of reading the newspaper claim that readers may not read the section that people advertised in, or they may simply have skipped the page or the article since it contained little or nothing else of interest. In addiction, people who's creating and making the newspaper are destroying our natural resources cutting down more trees to make productions. Furthermore, the advertisement of the newspaper sometimes give wrong information about a biography of a person or personal information.

Some people may still maintain that reading the newspaper is a waisting time in not interested good stuff or any advertisement. However, we need to be informed on what is happening in the world around us and to keep us advertised about special offers that can benefits us for not been spending a lot of money in expensive stuff.

To conclude, reading the newspaper is more advantaged to people since, it keep us informed and advertisement on what is going on around us. Also reading the newspaper can benefits us to increase speaking performance in learning more the language and even saving us to not spend a lot of money in stuff that we can find it on special offers.
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Newspapers often have a political bias and give a slanted version of current events. For centuries papers have been the way people have learned about events taking place in other parts of the country or even the world. TV and the internet have become the true windows on the world.
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Advantages - Good entertainment, source of positive encouragement, source of facts of the societies
Disadvantaged _ Bad entertainment as it makes people busy and away from their duties, source of negative encouragement,misunderstanding opinions to be the fact
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Similar to every other advertising standard, newspapers also have disadvantages. The most tricky issues in newspapers are that they have a very short life duration, people tend to read newspapers quickly and once. The normal life span of a daily newspaper is only 24 hours, so the life span of the as is limited.
Generally newspapers are messy with commercials, mainly or supermarket advertising days on Sundays, when information excess reduces the effect of any single advertisement. Even supplemental benefits are so bulky that they signify extra newspaper clutter.
Even if newspapers have extensive market coverage's, certain market groups are not regular readers. For example, newspapers conventionally have no reached a large part of the less than 20 age group. The same is true of the aged and those speaking a foreign language for national advertisers because of cost and the fact that there are few national newspapers.
Newspapers undergo from the same restriction shared by all print media. Certain products should not be advertised in newspapers, such as those that require display. Also products that consumers do not expect to find advertised in newspapers, such as qualified services and trade people might be easily unseen.
The incredible growth of metropolitan areas has made it difficult for newspapers to supply one of their main benefits on time delivery.
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Newspaper is very useful with adults. Because they have time and patient to each page.
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I think that there is no disadvantages ofnewspaper. It gives us news from all over the world. It can be reffered to as equal to an internet...
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Many large communities have more than one daily paper. You may read a newspaper that is printed in the morning or one in the evening. A Daily newspaper tells us what is happening in the world, in our country and in our community. It also uses to write information about offering a job to concerns (people).
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Bad bad bad optionn...
Its just pages and pages..
Young ppl like to be on the net for hours, I prefer any news and info frm the net.
Its quick. And you can get whatever info you want!!
Like I am searching " the disadvantage of newspaper" fr my socio project, I got this page.
Not that you look for these info in the newspaper but you can get the latest news too.
So I think its pretty good if we search on the net.
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It is a lot easier to go on the internet on a news sight and see what is happening than walk all the way to your local shop in all weathers to buy a newspaper, also it is free when you go on the internet but you have to pay for the newspaper when you go to the shop,also the internet gets up dated numberous times a hour unlike newspapers they get up dated every morning

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