How Many Representatives Are There From Michigan In The U.S, House Of Representatives?


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There are fifteen representatives from the state of Michigan in the United States House of Representatives. They represent the fifteen districts of the state.

They are Bart Stupak (Representative of the First District), Pete Hoekstra (Representative of the Second District), Vernon J. Elhers (Representative of the Third District), Dave Camp (Representative of the Fourth District), Dale Kildee (Representative of the Fifth District), Fred Upton (Representative of the Sixth District), Timothy Walberg (Representative of the Seventh District), Mike Rogers (Representative of the Eighth District), Joseph Knollenberg (Representative of the Ninth District), Candice Miller (Representative of the Tenth District), Thaddeus McCotter (Representative of the Eleventh District), Sander Levin (Representative of the Twelfth District), Carolyn Kilpatrick (Representative of the Thirteenth District), John Conyers Jr. (Representative of the Fourteenth District) and John D. Dingell (Representative of the Fifteenth District).

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