How Is Present Situation And War In Afghanistan?


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After the departure of Soviet Union from Afghanistan in 1989, there was no one to control the country. There were seven groups which fought among themselves and tore the place of the country into pieces.

The seven friends turned political foes, quarreled and fought themselves and in this process destroyed Kabul on the political sense Afghanistan. They subdued the warring
factors and quickly took control of the country. They soon established peace in the areas controlled by them. They especially America did not like their rigid adherence to Islam and wanted to destabilize the Taliban Govt.

The present attack on Afghanistan has been launched on Afghanistan by America and its allies owing some following reasons.

The immediate cause of attack on Afghanistan was the destruction of world trade center by an unknown group of terrorists. The Americans suspected Osama bin Ladin as the chief culprit behind the drama of destruction. They had neither offered any proof nor evidence about the involvement for that act of terrorism.

What ever the cause was, but it destroys everything in Afghanistan. Terrorists are there or not but so many innocents' people were killed. Many innocents children, their parents, their homes every thing was destroyed.

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