How Will You Explain The World's Most Famous Defense Lines?


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World's famous defense lines are ten, which are as following:

1- Durand line: It is a boundary line between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was demarcated in 1896, and named after Sir Mortimer Durand.

2- Hindenburg line: It is a name of a boundary line between Germany and Poland.

3- Maginot line: It is a German frontier from Switzerland to Luxembourg and was named after the then French war minister Andre Maginot. It was built during the year 1929-1936.

4- Mannerheim line: It is boundary line between Finland and Russia. This line of defense was built in 1939 under the directions of Mannerheim, who was the commander of Finland.

5- McMahon line: It is a famous boundary line between India and China. It was named after McMahon, the British representative to India.

6- Oder-Neisse line: Actually Odder and Neisse are two rivers of Europe; out of which Odder River rises in Czechoslovakia, Odder was chosen in 1945, as the provisional German-Polish border; where as Neisse marks the southern part of the boundary between the two countries.

7- Radcliffe line: It is a boundary line between India and Pakistan. It was named after and demarcated by Sir Radcliffe.

8- Siegfried line: It was a famous defense line, which Germany built along his western frontier for defensive purposes during the Second World War.

9- 24th Parallel: It is located in Ran of Cutch, which was declared as the frontier between Pakistan and India.

10- 38th Parallel: This boundary line demarcated and separates North Korea from South Korea.

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