What is a New York attitude?


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A New York attitude is a popular cultural phrase used to categorize the behaviour of New York City residents. It is generally defined by a tough, worldly and urban attitude, wherein a New Yorker has adapted to their busy metropolitan environment and is able to project a cool attitude towards a fast paced way of life. It can also be broken down into different subsets, such as a punk attitude, popularized in the late 1970s and early 1980s. 

This is expressed through a rebellious attitude, particularly in terms of an outlandish or aggressive appearance, as well as a visual aesthetic expressed in photography and musical style. Bands such as The Ramones and the mythology surrounding the CBGB club in Manhattan are representative of this attitude and imagery. 
A New York attitude might also refer to a highly cultured and educated state of mind, associated with the upper class and upper middle class population, and further characterized by publications such as The New Yorker. In the wake of the September 11 tragedy, much was made of New York residents' ability to deal with the tragedy because of their stoic attitude.

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I now live in RI and sometimes people think I'm being rude when in fact I'm being perfectly honest and direct. I think New Yorkers can take criticism especially when it's the truth and there aren't all these gray areas.

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