What Are The Filipino Values And Attitudes?


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Filipino culture has a number of different values and beliefs.

Two of the most important are bahala na (a belief in fate and a 'come what may' attitude), and Pakikipagkapwa-tao which represents honor, dignity and respect.

The Filipino attitudes and values
Of all the beliefs that Filipinos have, none are more prevalent than their 'laissez-faire' approach to life. This has both positive and negative connotations:

  • On one hand, Filipinos tend to be relaxed and stress-free people. This makes them very sociable and pleasant to be around.
  • However, this approach to life also means that Filipinos tend to be less productive! Rather than taking the initiative on things, they sometimes sit back and wait for fate to provide answers.
Filipino cultural values
Family and society are very important to people in the Philippines.

When I was on holiday there, everyone treated us as if we were their neighbors - they invited us to eat with them, and made us feel very welcome. This is certainly a big part of Filipino culture.

Dignity and respect are also very important to Filipinos, whether dealing with family, friends or strangers. People will often go out of their way not to inconvenience or offend each other, and young people tend to show a lot of respect to their elders.
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Filipinos are hospitable people with a kind heart. They offer their best to visitors, even if it will rip their budget off.

Filipinos are also hard-working, that's why they're in-demand in other countries for work.

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