What Are The Filipino Values?


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The values of the Filipino people are no different from the values of other people elsewhere in the world. Like most citizens of other countries, Filipinos value family; children are a focus, and caring for elderly family members is also very important. Spirituality may also be important to some Filipinos; religion and its meaning may be explored in church, or in the home.

However, it's really pointless to generalize about an entire nation, since every country has people who are kind, and people who are unkind. Therefore, the values of good people may focus on family and spirituality; however, the bad people in a culture may be more interested in crime, mean-spirited behavior, and so on. Basically, the degree of decency in a human being dictates their values, more or less; while countries do have distinct cultures, values seem quite universal amongst decent people.

Values Examined

• In decent, law-abiding citizens, peacefulness is usually an important value; people will put a high value on getting along, avoiding unnecessary violence or discord, and generally living peacefully within their own community.

• Humanity is also another popular value that is found in most decent people - a desire to help others (especially those less fortunate) is generally in evidence. People with this value may feed the poor, donate to charity, or assist with volunteering in their own community.

• Devotion to family is a central value of many cultures, and this is certainly an important value of many Filipinos, who treasure their families and spent plenty of time with loved ones. Children may be especially cherished in Filipino families.

Values are an individual thing - religion and general behavior may be tempered by a country's culture, but ultimately, virtue and values are very personal. In Filipino culture, and any other culture, there will be a wide range of values.

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