What Is Filipino Moral Ideals?


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  • Where to find the information you are after

Take a look at this link, as it seems to be brilliant for you and your question: Not only does it go into detail about Filipino morals, but it is also easy to understand and follow, without the use of any jargon, reducing how complicated it may sound.

The article is also written by a Filipino man, and so it may be safe to assume that this is a genuine description of their morals, as he most likely to be a reliable narrator and source.

  • About the Philippines

Found in south east Asia, the Republic of the Philippines is a country that it is home to approximately 94 million people, of many different cultures and ethnicities.

The capital city of the country is called Manila, which is the city with the highest population per square meter in the world, with a population of over 1.5 million in an area of roughly 38 square kilometers. 

Due to Manila being extremely close to the equator, temperatures never drop below 20 degrees Celsius, although, due to the high levels of humidity in the country, it seems a lot warmer. 

With high levels of air pollution in the capital, which causes problems for roughly 98 per cent of the people of Manila, killing over 4,000 each year, the city also sports the river containing the most pollutants, with approximately 225 tonnes of waste being dumped in the Pasig every day in 2003.

There are a lot of different cultural influences in the country, such as the Malay, Islamic and Hindu traditions that came when the Austronesian population traveled there to make it home. There are also Chinese factors, which mainly came from the trade markets, and are still there even now.

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