What Is Filipino Moral Values?


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In the Philippines, residents have a set of moral values which should be respected by all members of the community. Some of these have religious implications, but for the most part the moral values are more about maintaining a healthy society that everyone can benefit from.

Of course, these traditional moral values are often ignored - particularly by the younger generation - and it goes without saying that many Filipinos do disrespect them in addition to the law. But the sense in the area is that a good individual will have Filipino moral values, and this sense helps in reducing crime levels and the number of troublemakers present in the region. Filipinos are aware from a young age of how they should act, and this has to an extent curbed the problem of a troubled youth.

  • The Filipino Moral Recovery Program
One system that exists in the Philippines is the Moral Recovery Program. The Moral Recovery Program is run by a Christian organization, but is aimed at all members of society regardless of religion. It encourages citizens to act with good morals, such as honesty, kindness and integrity. The program has the full support of the government and is active in a large number of Filipino communities. The idea behind it is that by educating the public about good moral values and highlighting the benefits of a moralistic society, less people will turn to crime and violence.

  • How to have good morals
Having good morals involves adapting a particularly way of thinking. Rather than considering how you can deal with situations to benefit yourself as an individual, you must instead think about how your actions and decisions will impact society as a whole. You must then change what you do in everyday life to reflect this altered thought process. Acting with good morals is not as easy as it sounds, but will lead you to having a much more positive outlook on life and feeling happier within yourself.

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