What is the Philippine's moral values? And how are they key to national development?


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Philippine moral values are centred around three main concepts:

  • Religion
  • Community
  • Respect for elders

The largest religion in the Philippines is Christianity, adhered to by 90% of the population. The majority of Christians in the Philippines are catholics, and as such have inherited many of the traditional catholic values such as the importance of living a pure life, not committing sin, abstinence before marriage and other tenants that form part of the catholic faith.

For an example of how religion affects Filipino moral values and attitudes, have a look at this video curated by a Church organization which calls themselves "Moral Recovery Formation Philippines Inc."

  Other moral values which Filipinos hold onto dearly are the attitudes and morals that prevail in south-east Asia. Such as respecting elders, or the importance of being honest and true.

These values have also been influenced by the many settlers and invaders that have come to the Philippines from abroad.

With all this said, it is important to realize that Philippines still has more work to do as a society. There is still a high level of corruption and crime in certain circles.

Many believe the corruption and bad practices have been the result of old values and morals, and that it is time to create a new system of morality for the Philippines, lead by the younger generation:

For more information, you should really read some of the things that Rosie Normanton says in this answer too: 

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