When Did Men And Women In England Get The Right To Vote?


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Men and women in England received the official right to vote at different times. For women, the legislation allowing them to vote was called the Qualification of Women Act. It was not enacted until 1918. Women were first allowed to vote in a public election in December, 1918, in the General Election.

Men were able to vote a little bit earlier than women. In 1432 King Henry VI declared that only men who had property that was worth at least 40 shillings could vote. There wasn’t a huge reform in this bill until four hundred years later in 1832. In 1689, the people were given rights in the British parliament by their representatives. In 1832, the Reform Bill was passed and this gave seats to large towns and even counties that had no voice in parliament before then. It also allowed men who rented property that was worth a certain amount to be able to vote. The Act of 1867 allowed country laborers the right to vote. Still, however, it would be many years later that women would receive the same privilege.

The suffragette movement actually began around 1885. When WWI started, however, attention was focused elsewhere. The Representation of the People Act in 1918 allowed men who had fought during the war and were disenfranchised to vote and it allowed women who helped out in the war effort to vote, too. It wasn’t until the Representation of the People Act of 1928 that all women were given this opportunity, however.
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This was a step-by-step process. Slowly and gradually, Britain became enlightened in the field of politics. The first step was taken in the form of Bill of Rights in 1689,by which the people were granted rights through their representatives in the British Parliament. Later on Reform Bill was passed on in 1832 which gave the seats to counties or large towns, which were hitherto unrepresented in the parliament and gave vote to householders worth 10 pounds Following this act was the Act of 1867 which extended the vote to country laborers and the Act of 1918 and 1928 which gave the right of vote to the women in Britain.
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They got the power to vote around the 1920s the men got it earlier because they were seen more powerful than a women#

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