What Is The Crux Of The Sir Creek Issue Between India And Pakistan?


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Recently an attempt was made in Islamabad to resolve the Sir Creek issue by bringing together delegations from both Pakistan and India. Nevertheless it was a practice in futility as both of the sides remained stubborn on their respective stances, which furthermore contributed towards no solution to the unresolved Sir Creek issue. Although optimistic standpoints were expressed by members of both delegations before the actual two-day session began nevertheless it was not the cause of any progress in the actual meeting. While India is of the constant opinion that the Sir Creek border lies in the middle of the channel, Pakistan persistently emphasizes on the point that the Sir Creek border is located on the east back. Both sides presented points that backed their argument nonetheless were unable to convince each other. This meeting took place after both India and Pakistan conducted a mutual study and affirmed a common map of marshlands for the purpose of drawing the maritime boundary.

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