How To Overcome Poverty In Pakistan?


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In my opinion, there are several things that the country of Pakistan can do to tackle poverty:

  • End corruption
  • Address the imbalance of wealth distribution
  • Get someone competent setting their federal policies
  • Make education available for all, and support and nourish strong educational infrastructure
What can Pakistan do to tackle poverty?
As you can tell from the observations I've listed above, tackling Pakistan's economic woes is not going to be an easy task.

For many issues - such as the corruption that is rife at every level of society and politics - turning the tide will require decades of hard work and enforcement.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has been assisting the country to devise a strategy for reducing poverty since 2001. This has seen Pakistan outperform neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh, who face similar economic changes.

Nevertheless, this is no reason for complacency - Pakistan still finds itself in a significant poverty crisis.

I truly believe that education, and building a solid educational infrastructure, will be a vital part of Pakistan's economic regeneration, and will equip it with the means to tackle poverty.

With a well-educated population, Pakistan will be able to create more wealth in the economy, and this will provide more opportunities for upward social mobility.

Ensuring the correct form of governance is also going to be vital to Pakistan's future. If the country is able to elect a diligent and honest leader, then this will help bring the issue of wealth redistribution to the forefront.
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A good leader and good policies which are suitable to this country are the best way to overcome poverty in Pakistan.
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I think if we follow Islamic rule we can solve poverty.

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