HOW TO OVERCOME Cultural Differences?


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Cultural differences can be overcome by listen the point of view of other races, tried to get know them and understand them. You can read book of cultural to understand the different kind of culture, so that you can get the way to communicate with other races easily. Or you can participate in the activities of other races like during the festival, you can join them. On the other hands, you can just tolerate them in the way of their behaviour, their acting. Don't blame them, because they have their own cultural, like you said. Different cultural can affect one person behaviour. And tried to cooperate with them, this mean that you are respect them. Thus, peaceful will occur.The important considerate, tolerance, thats all. Finally, please help me at my question: Do you think multiethnic environment is the best for teenagers to grow up? What they can learn from it? What is the advantage they can get? Thanks so much.

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