How To Control Poverty?


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Different measures have been suggested to break the vicious circle of poverty. Some of them are proper utilization of natural resources, allocation of more funds of the development of human capital, control of population, saving centers and banks, improved taxation system, reduction in non development expenditure, foreign capital for development, sincere honest leadership etc.

The government should prepare a plan for the proper use of natural resource. An autonomous planning commission should be set up to prepare the plan for development of various sectors. Educational institutes, technical centers and training centers should be set up to promote skill and technical know-how. A comprehensive program should be launches to check the growth of population. Special funds should be created to give allowance to small families.

The number saving centers and bank branches should be increased to cover the rural areas. These institutions will mobilize savings. The taxation system should be reorganized to increase the revenue from direct taxes and to check the evasion. The government should be reducing expenditure on foreign tour, functions and medical check up abroad to increase development fund. Foreign capital should be various forms in the industrial sectors. A sincere and honest leadership is capable to eradicate the curse of poverty. Self seeking cheats the people.
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Many people can help by helping the charities such as: Children in need and save lives. Thats how I do it. Or go and see the people who live in poverty and ask them yourselves.

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