What Is The Cause Of Poverty To Ethiopia?


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Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world; poverty affects most of the population with 81% of people living below a poverty line of $2 a day. Ethiopia has a difficult hostile environment which contributes to spread of disease in the country. Because of this extreme weather drought often occurs. It leaves the country with a water shortage; crops die so farmers make no money and families dying of thirst and sheer exhaustion.  
A high percentage of Ethiopia is living with HIV which leads to AIDS and then cannot be cured. The health care in the county is very poor so controlling the disease would not be an option for most. Diseases like diarrhoea kill people in Ethiopia, again because good health care is rare.

There are many more reasons as well, here are two more...
- past war
- in debt
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Following are some causes of Ethiopia poverty:
• Huge rise and falls in agricultural production because of drought.
• An unproductive and inefficient agricultural plan.
• Underdeveloped communication and transportation systems.
• Underdeveloped manufacture equipments.
• Ecological poverty.
• Lack of participation by rural poor people in decisions that affect their livelihoods.
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Some causes may be:
Lack of rain
Poor farming techniques
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Continues droughts, failure of agriculture, absence of adequate Transport and communication, Continues war, population explosion etc. Are the main causes of poverty in Ethiopia.
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Being Agriculture the main occupation of the people its failure due to continues droughts is the main reason of poverty in Ethiopia.  In addition to that lack of adequate education, lack of political stability,  insufficient  Transport and communication, insufficient technology  etc are some other reasons.
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It's mainly because of the people living there  - they are so not interested in working. 

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