What causes poverty?


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Lack Of Funds.. People Who Get Disabled And  Can't Get The Help They Need To Get Back To
Work. Mismanagement Of Funds. People Who Lose Their Job And Can't Find Another One
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When something really bad happens to the government, it can make people have to quit their jobs for certain conditons (e.g. The person they're working for doesn't have the money to pay them) and so there's a money shortage, so they can't get the materials they need to survive with large families . . . Yeah.
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Lack of  money  to make ends  meet , Some countries are left  to go  cause
Of  lack  of  money  to build  their  country ,  Some people are disabled  and
They  have no one to help them  get  the help  that they deserve
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George W Bush causes poverty. HaHaHa. :P I'm only joking. But Obama may if he don't get new jobs started. Another problem is, people don't want to work.

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