What Are The Steps To Remove Poverty?


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Firt of all,no business, corporation, or person/s should have control of the people or their money.
1. All profits from corporations should be equally divided among the citizens. They will no longer be corporate, but owned by the citizens and it is up to those citizens to decide who work as CEO"s, Exec. Pres....etc
2.There should not be a government. The people vote on every issue, however, we elect leaders to assure that the voted issues are carried out for us. If they don't, they will live and work at housing assistances, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and other volunteer organizations.
3. Place a limit on the amount of wealth a person can have.
4. Any business caught giving or receiving kickbacks will be closed down.
5. Any business, non-profit organization or church that promotes war will be closed down. Anyone who declares war, or instigates war will be placed together in the same prison to play war.
6. When anyone opens their own business, they will be given a solar-driven car. This also applies to  every citizen who has achieved recognition for benefiting their fellow man or has been recognized for their work as peacemakers.  Other initiatives to obtain solar equipment will be through grants that prove your work that help humanity, One of your first achievements would be to convert your gas-driven automobile into a piece of scrap metal.
7.  Legalize drugs-- Healthcare could become affordable for everyone, Insurance companies would have no control over doctors decisions, and not to mention less murders and robberies for those dying from withdrawal medication.
8. Destroy all handguns. In today's angry world, everyone wants to protect themselves. However,the very things that our government says protects us, actually destroys us. With a new world action, we can have a peaceful protection. There could be no war, less greed, less robberies, less anger for insurance and gov. Injustices, less workplace and domestic violence, less hunger, less money-making scams, and less accidental shootings.
     Now, if you're thinking about your "Right to Bear Arms", then you missed the whole point. There will be no government, thus the constitution will be null and void.  
This "One Constitution Under God" and all the other government brainwashing has got to go; hopefully it will take our anger along with it. It is time we opened our ears! This document written for the people has caused a fury of voices everywhere, We hear it everyday, "Hey, my constitutional rights were broken!"  Together, we are yelling out the answer! Then, our wallets are paying fines, costs, and lawyers. And all the while, someone is getting wealthy, and the rest of us are sinking into poverty.

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