How To Solve Poverty In The Philippines?


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Solving poverty is a problem that faces governments and people the world over and it is a difficult task to take on. Trying to pinpoint a particularly way to deal with the problem is very difficult, but there are things that could be done to try and solve the issue.

  • Charitable donations

For people who do not exist in poverty, it is very easy to forget how lucky you are and to take the things you have for granted. However, a lot of people donate to non-profitable organizations and charities in an attempt to make to try and combat poverty. Anything from financial donations to giving away material possessions is always going to make a difference no matter how big or small.

  • Increased job opportunity

This is something that is far easier said than done. Of course, one way to eradicate poverty would be to give people the opportunity to earn some money and provide for themselves and their families. However, if the economic state of the country is in downfall, creating job opportunities in such a climate is exceedingly difficult.

  • Government efforts

In many cases, governments will be doing all they can to try and increase the economic health of the country and provide for those in need. If they could provide any resources whatsoever to these people existing in poverty - whether it's food, accommodation, education or funding - it is better than giving them nothing at all.

The problem exists in many countries and overcoming it is a mammoth task that the world continues to battle with.
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I'm 12 yrs old and I think I can't stop the politicians to corrupt but I can help in my way , by simply donate on the donation boxes (specially at the church) joining in some activities for this people and helping them in their simple problems like misunderstanding of family , helping them to read and write...
See I can .. And I know you can too ...
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I cannot solve poverty in the Philippines; it will take a concentrated effort by the people of that country to get rid of the corrupt politicians and change their country for the benefit of all the people not just the rich few.
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We should vote wisely. Let's stop entertaining vote buying. That very moment we receive money from those kind of politicians, really digs a very deep hole and bury us in poverty. Coz when they're already in the position, they will suddenly become thieves and will forget their promises to us. They will just enjoy the enticement of being rich. That's why poor becomes poorer.. Rich becomes richer. Remember this: The politicians who commit graft and corruption----they will not help us. Never.

If you really guys want to be free from these misfortunes that are happening to us like, poverty, graft and corruption in the country, etc. We really have to vote a leader that will change the country for the better.

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